Let’s create a Jobsharing Community!

Let’s create a Jobsharing Community!

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We were chatting to a fellow jobsharer the other day (you know who you are!) and it really struck a chord with us when he said how nice it was to feel part of the Jobsharing Tribe. We feel the same! Speaking to fellow jobsharers, sharing stories and cheerleading each other is central to our purpose at The Jobshare Coach.

We love being part of our Jobshare Community. 

A sense of belonging and a source of support can be an important success factor in any endeavour.In ‘How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game’, Abby Wambach (great, inspirational book!) includes a ‘Call to the Wolfpack’:  “Her victory is your victory. Celebrate with her. Your victory is her victory. Point to her.” Whilst this is aimed at women in the book, we feel this goes for everyone!

In our jobsharing community we celebrate each others’s successes. As Amy says, your success is our/ everyones’ success. The more we see role sharers succeed, the more this form of working becomes understood and accessible to all and in turn more common place. Making jobsharing more common place is our mission at The Jobshare Coach!

Brené Brown (we love her books!) in ”Dare to Lead” shares the wisdom that we do not need to collect gold stars ourselves to prove our worth, instead we should focus on giving gold stars away to others to show our support and to strengthen others. 

So let’s build each other up, support each other and celebrate each other’s successes. Here’s to a great Jobsharing Community!

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  1. Hello, I am just about to start the interview process for my job share and excited to be part of this new JS community. It is so enlightening and refreshing! I am totally new to job share and my company have been hugely supportive. Thank you for this platform to help guide me through.

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